Care Takers

Our school is committed to excellence in all activities and the role of school caretakers are highly important in ensuring that the school building, classrooms, playground and other facilities within the premises are well maintained to the highest possible standard. Our caretakers play a vital part in promoting a clean, safe, warm and secure environment for the staff and students in particular. Given the present situation, sanitization of each and every area of the school campus has been given utmost importance. We at SHGHS, take pride in having an ever ready support staff to meet our needs at all times.


The School Infirmary is located on the right end of the quadrangle and is ideally situated in a quiet and restful spot. It is easily accessible by both the primary and high school blocks. The infirmary is meticulously planned and is adequately equipped to administer first –aid to the students. Timely care and well being of all the students and a sanitary environment is of prime importance. A trained nurse and two attendants are dedicated to the school infirmary during school hours.


Our Mission: To counsel and guide our students during their impressionable school years.

Our Vision: To empower every child of this school to develop resilience and confidence in life.

At Sacred Heart’s Girls’ High School, we take counselling to classrooms, through Life Skills Classes. We understand that there is a stigma associated with seeking assistance for mental health and counselling, so we make it a mandate to meet each class (grades 1-10) on a regular basis. We believe in a well-rounded education for our students by strengthening their mental wellbeing along with other talents. One-on-one sessions are also available.

Our Counsellors also provide Career Counselling, especially to our 10th graders, to help them understand their career options that they have and how they can pursue them.


Our school transport facility includes a Car and a Mini Bus that is present in our campus round the clock. Not only is it used for official work but also for any emergency purposes. It is widely used by the teachers and students for commuting to various Inter School Competitions, that include sports tournament or debate, creative writing etc. The school also provides a safe and secure transport facility for interested students through a fleet of contracted buses from the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC). The buses ply on selected roads with fixed pick up and drop off points. As per the guidelines of the Department of Transportation, Government of Karnataka, the school has delegated a dedicated female attendant on each bus to help the children during their transportation.

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