Parking Area

Parking is a very common problem these days, especially in a city like Bengaluru. Therefore, it is necessary for schools to provide a safe and convenient parking area for the visitors. Sacred Heart Girls’ High School caters to this need. The entry of vehicles for parking is from gate No.3 on Residency Road. The parking area is utilized by the school staff and parents alike. The parking area is spacious enough to navigate in a smooth way. It is a sight to behold amidst a canopy of trees surrounded by luscious green plants which gives a positive vibe.

School Play Ground

Play is something that is extremely important for the all round development of the children. It allows them to enhance their creativity and to develop their imagination. Playing on the school ground enables the children at a very young age to learn, to interact and to communicate with each other.

The school ensures a safe environment for games and enjoyment of the students. It allows them to have healthy interactions with their classmates, and teaches them the spirit of sportsmanship. A variety of games are conducted during the course of the academic year. House matches are periodically conducted for running races, basketball, badminton, throw ball, volleyball, cricket and hockey. Our sports day is when our school field takes pride of place.

Exercise is something that improves one’s health and well-being. Our school playground is big and beautiful. It is well equipped with the entire infrastructure needed for the games, thereby enabling the children to acquire proficiency in physical activities.

Jungle Gym

One cannot imagine one’s childhood without swings or swoosh down slides. The play area which is closely located to the primary block is one of the major attractions for the tiny tots. The open and spacious play-ground has swings, a slide and a see-saw that helps the little ones to burn their energy and have a good time too! It helps the children to refine their motor skills and to develop a sense of responsibility under the careful watch of the teachers and helpers.


“A family that prays together stays together” and the place which brings the Sacred Heart family together is the school quadrangle. Surrounded by beautiful green plants and below the serene blue sky the quadrangle is an important place for many events like morning assemblies, school discussions or even the rehearsals for the Annual Day or the Sports Day. Situated in the heart of the school compound the quadrangle is a whooping 40 x 30 sq feet.

Dine Out Area

A shady spot, adjacent to the basketball court is one of the favourite areas for students to share their snacks and indulge in friendly conversations with each other. The concrete shade girdled with beautiful sunflowers , hibiscus and the cool shade of the grapefruit tree is an ideal location for students to enjoy the recess with their peers. Not too far away from the shaded area are the drinking – water taps which makes it convenient for the students to quench their thirst after their meal.

The spacious cages with a variety of birds add to the beauty of the area.

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