Robotics is important in the present education system as it prepares the students to enter the 21st century scientific approach. It helps the students to improve their wisdom, design and teamwork skills. When students work with robotics, they learn in a creative and interesting manner the scientific concepts like light, force, speed, sound, and electromagnetism. Moreover they learn how to express themselves, listen and relate to others, thereby developing valuable life skills. Robotics helps address the growing demand for teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in school.

Digital Library

A digital library or a digital repository is an online database of digital objects that includes text, still images, audio, video, digital documents, of various digital media formats.

Traditional libraries are limited by storage space but digital libraries have the potential to store more information, with very little physical space to contain them. The benefit lies in being able to access the same resources simultaneously by a number of users.

In our school we have introduced the “Johan Brown Digital Library”. It has more than one lakh specialized active e-books in various genres. Adventure, autobiography, biography, fantasy, fiction, mystery, horror, humor, psychology, philosophy, skill development, text Books, Test Preparation, to name a few. They help the students to learn concepts (like deciphering, linkages ) and acquire skills of critical thinking, visual learning, memory retention, observation and creativity. All books have auto-dictionary lookup with built-in cross linkage grammar and translations that enhances the child’s vocabulary and grammar skills.

Johan Brown Publishing has the largest collection of books in English and other Languages (Hindi, Kannada, French, German, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu). It has Self Reading books, Read-Along books, Flip books and Read-Aloud enabled books. It is very user-friendly and with a small click the students are able to access the digital world, become tech-savy and make the most of this vast resource.

Rose Virginie Hall

Rose Virginie Hall was constructed on 23rd February 2018 and was blessed by Father Leo D’Souza C.S.C .Provincial Holy Cross Fathers ( South India). Rose Virginie Hall is used for special events that are conducted in school. It is well ventilated, spacious and it can accommodate eight hundred people at a time. It has a beautiful rectangular structure with a remote operated projector and screen. The elevated stage has a fully equipped green room on its left .The hall is used for recreational activities and celebrations. Almost all our competitions are conducted in this site of the multi-purpose hall. It presents a bird’s eye view of our surroundings from the fourth floor.

Board Room

Succession is an ongoing process.

Our school has a board room to hold official meetings. The board room is well equipped with projector and screen for presentations and illustrations. The faculty convene and deliberate on important matters with regard to decision making, implementing and monitoring of the school activities for the smooth running of the school.

A.V Room

With the growing demand of technology in education, our school has a well-equipped A.V Room to provide a rich learning experience through audio-visual aids in the teaching- learning process. Our AV Room is spacious, airy and has a wireless & broadband internet connection. It provides a learning facility meant to enhance the interest of the audience to foster interaction between the management and the staff. The management has left no stone unturned to set it up in a way that looks captivating to one and all.

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