Computer Lab

School facilities have an impact on learning in profound ways. Computer labs are still a major stepping stone aiming to transform instruction. The students and staff in our school have access to two well equipped computer labs consisting of over 75 computer systems, LCD projector, all connected to a fast and reliable internet connection. Students can make use of the lab anytime, which in turn enhances their skills and makes them proficient

Language Lab

Our school is the education centre, which not only has Classrooms, Staffrooms, Science labs, Conference room, Canteen, Library but also an amazing Language Lab. This is where the students from Middle and High School enhance their Language skills - Hindi, English, Kannada and French. There are thirty computers in this room that have Internet facility to enable the students to explore and thereby acquire efficiency in a particular Language. We are happy to announce that our Language Lab has Blue J --a free Java Development Environment, designed for beginners. Blue J is simple, interactive, portable and innovative. Our Language Lab is well-equipped with Ostilio Server and it has Nestor Cognitive Learning Software with Multimedia speaking, writing and reading softwares. High quality headphones and microphones are installed for enhanced learning.

Home Science

Home science is both an art and a science. At High School level, the students have both theory and practical classes. Sacred Heart Home Science Laboratory is one of the best in Bangalore, equipped with all the facilities .The students learn to prepare nutritious dishes using different techniques, various innovative table layouts, napkin folding, flower decoration, care of clothing, first –aid, analyzing foods, rangoli making, poster making and many other creative decorations. Students love spending time in the lab, cooking and learning life skills.

3D Lab

With the growing demands of technology in education, our school has collaborated with EduMarvel to introduce 3D Science and Math Lab to enhance the learning experience of the children. The Lab consists of vivid concepts, simulations and experiments in Science and Mathematics that both teachers and children enjoy, while learning difficult concepts. It not only makes the experience fun, but also helps the kids to visualize and learn concepts effectively, paving the path for our future scientists and mathematicians.

At SHGHS, we look forward to making this teaching-learning process a rich and joyful experience.

Science Lab

A science laboratory is an enterprise that provides the ideal conditions under which students use scientific equipment to understand and apply the concepts studied. The queries like ‘how, what and why’ from childhood can fuel further questioning and investigation when transferred to the school science laboratory. The science lab equips children in obtaining a hands-on learning experience by performing various experiments, under the able supervision of the teachers.

The science laboratories help to illuminate the students’ mind with practical knowledge that empowers them. This enables them to explore the universe around them and to assimilate the learning outcomes prescribed by the syllabus.

Our school has well equipped and conscientiously planned laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The laboratories being expedient help the teachers to facilitate and cater to the students’ curiosity. It instils in the students a scientific temperament and logical thought process

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