GSIWS stands for Good Shepherd Ideas Worth Sharing. It is the Good Shepherd Forum Meet where 30 students from Sacred Heart Girls’ High School and other Good Shepherd Schools participated. Different Good Shepherd schools from Chennai, Mysore, Karjath, Bellary and Bangalore were a part of this Forum. Many important topics were discussed in this Forum and some of them included – Women Empowerment, Menstrual Cycle, Forum Formation(leadership), 9/11 attacks and equal opportunities.

This was Sacred Heart Girls’ High School’s first Forum where students had the opportunity to speak out and voice their opinions. This made them feel encouraged to speak on many important topics like the 9/11 attacks , the most tragic event that took place in New York, USA.The discussion enhanced the significance of the day. This Forum was very important since many women who were afraid to speak up earlier, are now very confident and do not find it difficult to voice their opinions. The different topics discussed in the Forum helped us have a clearer concept about everything

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