All India Essay Writing Competition

The Albert Barrow Memorial essay writing competition is an All-India essay writing competition for ICSE schools. The topic was "Fascination that comes with Change". Elaina Pasangha's and, Kimberly Pinto's essay were selected as the two best essays of the school.It was sent to the council. Elaina's essay stood third in the country.

Our cultural year concluded by the students attending, Phenomenon Luminous Fest conducted by the St. Joseph Boys High School. The experience was a memorable one as we got to interact with the students of other schools and share our views on different matters.

We managed to walk away with a few prizes and did our school proud.We leave with a lot of fond memories of the past year, which has helped us grow and understand the importance of team work as cultural secretaries of Sacred Heart Girls High School.


25th September 2011 was a great day in the calendar year of Sacred Heart Girls' High School. We were given the honour of hosting the "NATIONAL FINALS of THE FRANK ANTHONY MEMORIAL DEBATE COMPETITION (CATEGORY II) and to distribute the prizes for the winners of the "ALBERT BARROW ALL INDIA INTER SCHOOL CREATIVE WRITING COMPETITION."

It was a Sunday; students from seven different schools across India along with their parents, teachers and well wishers assembled in the School Hall. A wave of anxiety followed by determination to give the best encircled the air. The participants were asked to pick lots to decide the order of participation and the sealed envelope containing the topic for the day was opened in their presence: "Doing away with examinations will make for less stress but will not equip students for life." was the topic for the day.

The participants were given an hour to prepare themselves. The Debate competition commenced with the lighting of the lamp by Mr. Gerry Arathoon, Secretary for the Council for ICSE Examinations. "The creative mind under pressure gives sparks to set a fire ablaze." This was the experience of the judges at the competition. The debate was a vibrant one, with extensive information brought on one platform, relevantly put-together, convincing everyone that examinations should be abolished. The opponents swung the pendulum with such gravity to make the whole world swear that examinations are the only engine to equip one to meet life's challenges. If Mr. Kapil Sibal were here he would have been convinced to reconsider his implementation!

The prize distribution was initiated by Mr. Gerry Arathoon. Our Chief Guest, Mr. Franklyn James, Vice President of RMD South Times of India graced the occasion.

Shouriya Dasgupta was adjudged the best speaker and Anish Kanoria, the runner up. They were both from St. Xaviers Collegiate School, Kolkata. The second runner up was Jhanavi Shrivastava from St. Joseph's Academy, Dehra Dun.

It was a great experience for the faculty of Sacred Heart's to observe the power, talent and creativity present in the Indian youth. It is evident that with such pulsating youth, India has a bright and successful future ahead. The council thanked the school for taking the effort to organize the event.


The daughters of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty were believed to have special power of speech called charmspeech. This is what the contestants of our school Debate and Declamation competition displayed, the power to speak. The Annual Debate and Declamation Competition which was held on 29th June, 2012. It's one of the days in the year when the students get to display their oratory skills. The importance of such competitions is unparalleled. They give us a chance to grow. Speaking in front of large crowds, helps the students too develop the confidence that they require. Good oratory skills are essential in today's world. In fact, developing such skills also contributes to our self esteem. The overall house championship for the English Declamation went to St. Lucy's House, with St. Teresa's coming second. In the Hindi section, St. Margaret's house was awarded the first place, closely followed by St. Agnes' house who was only two points behind. The Kannada Declamation was won by St. Agnes' house and St. Margaret's came second. The debate was equally? If not, more thrilling than the declamation. Every competition must have a winner. The English Debate was won by St. Teresa's house, the Kannada debate by St. Agnes' and the Hindi debate by St. Lucy's. As people say, "All's well that ends well." Our Debate and Declamation competition ended well as every house had won at least one event. The atmosphere was one of contentment. The students of Sacred Heart's have developed a healthy sense of competition. It won't be long until the excitement begins all over again.


Dance is the hidden language of the soul. The solace one can find in dance is truly astounding.

Among the different styles of dance, it is perhaps 'folk dance' which can do justice to the elation and festivity found in dancing. The folk dances are so vibrant and zealous that they bring out the cultural heritage of our nation.

On 30-06-2012, our school held an Inter House Dance Competition for the students of Middle and High School. The mere thought about the competition had created a lot of enthusiasm in the girls.

Shwetha Thomas and Sanjana.B were the MC's of this program. The girls had chosen various forms of folk dances from different states. Almost every part of India had been represented through these dances.

The competition began with the Middle School. The exuberant and mesmerizing dances evoked huge applause from both the audience and the judges. With such a great start, our expectations from the High School were soaring high! And they did not fail to disappoint. They set the stage on fire with their vibrant performances of Bihari, Gujarati, Punjabi and Goan dances.

After all the performances were over, it was time for the results. Hope and anxiety was etched not only on the competitors but also on each and every girl in school. Everyone had their fingers crossed, as the results would have a huge impact on the scoreboard.

After a short speech from the judges, the results were finally announced! With St. Margaret's leading in the Middle School category and St Teresa's in the High School category. At the end of the day, what mattered the most was that all the participants had done their best.